Become a Block Connector

They say it takes a Village! The Neighbourhood Block Connector is a program that encourages Neighbourliness on the block level! Become a Block Connector and engage your block!

Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) is connecting the neighbourhood! The community of Crescent Heights has engaged, supportive and invested residents who are building a more inclusive and vibrant neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood Block Connector is inspired by Abundant Communities Edmonton (ACE) where each neighbourhood in Edmonton, ‘cultivates a culture of care and connection, increase the sense of belonging and inclusion’. CHCA is inspired, and we’re going to adapt the program to our village, as a flagship inner community we can’t wait to see what happens next!

What does a Neighbourhood Block Connector do?

A neighbourhood block connector is the resident on the block (or condo building) that helps neighbours get to know one another. Each block connector can use their unique strengths to connect.

CHCA is here to help! Are you an Artist looking to create a community project? Do you have an interest in community safety, and you know that watching out for your neighbours is invaluable? Perhaps, you’re a long time (or new) CH resident and looking to find any excuse to connect your neighbourhood? We’re here to help you connect and have meaningful opportunities with your community. If you have a great idea for ways to connect with your neighbour(s) or just simply looking for a reason to say ‘Hello’ to a new one, the block connector is a great way to start!

Ultimately, the neighbourhood of Crescent Heights can be a place for every resident to be connected to someone on their block, condominium, or apartment building. A block connector can be that connector in the ways that are unique to them! If it means watching out for each other, engaging befriending fellow residents we can increase the neighbourliness of Crescent Heights!

Would you like to connect?

We’re identifying and developing connectors on every block in Crescent Heights! We would like to hear from you, take a short survey on neighbourliness. It would help us out a lot! We learn about your unique strength. Don’t forget each month a draw will be conducted for you to win a small gift for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us! Click here!

A growing list of neighbours using their strengths to connect! Coming Soon!

Meet the Neighbourhood Block Connector: Lisa

Hi! If you would like to learn more about Crescent Heights, Community Development or the Neighbourhood Block Connector, Lisa would love to meet you! Please contact her or give her a call/text at 403-978-7443

Meet the Neighbourhood Block Connector Coordinator: Tyson