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Dec 2020 update for the Guidebook for Great Communities and North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (North Hill LAP) 

The City of Calgary has announced the following sequence of events for the delivery of the revised Guidebook and North Hill Community Local Area Plan: 

“The refined Guidebook for Great Communities (Guidebook), along with the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (North Hill LAP) are scheduled to be released on Jan. 4, 2021


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Big Planning Changes Proposed in Crescent Heights

How will this affect your residence or our community?

We’re seeking resident feedback on these changes. Please take five minutes to complete this survey at

The City of Calgary is making changes to our community development and planning process.   Specifically, our community will be governed by two new plans: The Guidebook for Great Communities (the Guidebook), and the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (NHCLAP). Both documents are in a final stage of revisions as directed by council on July 27th, 2020 and anticipated to be approved in January 2021.

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