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Crescent Road Temporary Closure will be Removed Nov 24th

Crescent Road has been temporarily closed to motor vehicles since June 2021 to address amplified community concerns around disruptive late-night activities and to provide people more space to move during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The City has remained committed to adjusting or removing this temporary road closure this fall. Staff have reviewed operational considerations and feedback about the temporary closure from public engagement, community emails and conversations with Community Associations.

Recommendations & Next steps

The adaptive lane along the south curb from 1 St to 7A St N.W. was installed in Fall 2020 and has provided an additional paved surface for walking and wheeling in winter. Staff are recommending the adaptive lane stay in place as the narrowing of the roadway provides traffic calming benefits.

Staff heard diverse feedback about the temporary closure in its current configuration. We expect to remove the temporary road closure until the longer-term strategy, identified in the Master Plan, is approved. We will be removing the closure on November 24, 2021. Please note, the road closure may be removed early depending on snowfall and snow accumulation on the roadway.

We know that garbage and disruptive behaviours still happen on Crescent Road. Please connect with 311 to report your concerns and Calgary Parking Authority for parking enforcement requests. Please connect with 911 for criminal matters such as serious driving offences or drug trafficking. If immediate response is not required call the Police non-emergency line 403-266-1234 to report what you’ve seen.

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Art Cycle Route Coming to Crescent Heights!

An exciting new pilot project is coming to Crescent Heights and Renfrew! The project consists of three artist-painted crosswalks on 8th Avenue at Centre Street, Edmonton Trail, and 6th St NE, and a series of artist painted bikes along the 8th Ave bike route, spanning from 2nd St NW to 6th St NE, by Calgary artist Yiting Hui. This is part of a multi-stakeholder initiative, Unite the Heights, which advocates for improvements to pedestrian, cycling, and mobility-friendly infrastructure between Mayland Heights through to Crescent Heights.  The goal of the initiative is to increase safety, beauty, engagement, and connection in Crescent Heights and with our neighbouring communities of Renfrew & Mayland Heights. 

Sign-up link to volunteer to help paint:

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Points of Contact Re: Crescent Road Closure

Above are some of the points of contact regarding the temporary Crescent Road closure. Please direct inquiries, suggestions, comments, or issue reports to the appropriate contacts listed above. For more information about the temporary Crescent Road closure, a PDF presentation from the City can be found HERE.

Crescent Road Presentation

On Wednesday, July 21 the Committee for Transportation and Transit will be hearing a presentation from City administration regarding the current closure of Crescent Road and initial ideas for next steps in creating a long term vision for Crescent Road and the adjacent park space.  It should be noted that no decisions will be made at the meeting on Wednesday.

According to the City clerk’s office, the public is invited to speak/present at this meeting. Also, there is the opportunity for residents to send letters (whether in support of or opposition to) to the Council members on the committee prior to the meeting. This could help them gain further insight into resident views.  Community input is always an essential part of the City planning process.

The following City Council members are listed as participants on the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit:

  • Councillor J. Davison, Chair
  • Councillor S. Chu, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor D. Colley-Urquhart
  • Councillor J. Farkas
  • Councillor J. Gondek
  • Councillor S. Keating
  • Councillor J. Magliocca
  • Mayor N. Nenshi, Ex-Officio

The meeting starts at 1 p.m.  Here is the link  OR

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us.
CHCA Transportation Planning & Mobility:

Residential Speed Limit: What we Heard

In October 2020, the Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) engaged the community through an online survey to gather input on traffic and speed related issues in our community. The input was used to help us arrive at a position on City Administration’s recommendation to reduce the unposted speed limit on residential streets. After being posted for a short period of time the survey received 161 confirmed responses from residents of Crescent Heights. 

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