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The CHCA & the Green Line

Written public submissions for the Green Line were due today. This is what the Crescent Heights Community Association submitted to the city. The full letter and attachments are included in this post.

As a board, we support improvements to Crescent Heights. We perceive the Green Line to be an improvement for our community. There are still many details to be worked out and we do not have unanimous support among board members or residents, but at this stage, we support going forward with the Green Line. We will be active in future engagement, and we encourage our residents to be as well, as this project needs to improve Centre Street and bring positive change to our community.

CHCA’s priorities for the Green Line are now as they have been through many years of engagement on the Centre Street alignment:

Public Realm Improvements;
Traffic Mitigation; and
Robust Support for Businesses

We are pleased that our support is in accord with the newly-minted Crescent Heights Village BIA, an entity that did not exist when CHCA endorsed the earlier below-grade configuration. We will work with our BIA partners to ensure the vitality and viability of local business through the planning, construction and completion phases of the Green Line.


These are strange times we live in and we have all had to adapt quickly to the new normal. Self-isolation and social distancing are necessary to combat COVID-19. It’s important that we all follow these measures. As we keep hearing, we all need to act as if we have it in order to avoid each other and keep each other healthy. 

Before all this happened our community hall was host to a variety of rentals, events and classes. We paused all rentals and usage of the hall early on. This left a gap in our programming, specifically our Seniors Fitness and Moms&Tots Playgroup. Amidst COVID, these groups had no place to meet. These groups are vital to creating space for seniors, toddlers and mothers in our community. 

You have also likely observed the huge amount of online programming being presented by artists and organizations all over the world. Although there is a hyper-awareness around the two-dimensionality of experiencing performances, classes and meet-ups trough this online medium, it seems like it is the only way we can continue to connect safely while following protocol. 

This is why the Crescent Heights Community Association is working hard to engage residents like you with informative e-newsletters and inspiring social media content. This is also why we are proud to announce that our Seniors Fitness and Moms&Tots Playgroup will now move online. We will also be hosting a number of one-off presentations and events online through our social media channels and Zoom. 

We’ve compiled what we have so far and listed them below. However, this list of events is constantly growing and changing week to week so please check our social media to keep updated. If you scroll down far enough you will also see a CHCA LIVE request to host your own events using our CHCA platform. If you have any ideas either as a recurring or one-off event please submit them through that form. 

If you know an individual in our community who may not receive this e-newsletter but who you think would benefit from attending any of these online sessions please forward them a copy of the e-newsletter. 

From all of us at the CHCA, 

We hope you, your family and friends, are safe and healthy.
GENTLE FITNESS CLASS (formerly SENIORS FITNESS) is going online! Gentle fitness class with a focus on functional movements, low impact cardio, fall prevention and muscular strengthening. This class is taught by our Seniors Fitness instructor, Pat. 

Mondays at 10:30 am.

Use this zoom link:  (bookmark this link)
MOMS & TOTS PLAYGROUP is going online. Every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month 10am join our facilitator, Mary ,for some Moms & Tots time. Registration not necessary. Please use this zoom link to access at the appropriate time: (save it in your bookmarks)
Coffee breaks are typically reasons to stop what you are working on and take a break. In these weekly sessions we will have a quick check-in with residents of Crescent Heights —  chat about what’s happening in our lives or current events, connect with other residents of Crescent Heights and who knows what other fun will be head while on break! 

This is an informal way to build a connection with other residents while social distancing. Coffee Break will be facilitated by Kevin Jesuino, Crescent Heights resident, artist, educator and community organizer. 

The rules of break time are: 
1. We make the rules up every time. 
2. There are no rules. 

Each Wednesday Coffee Break will take place at 1pm and run for no longer than 1 hour. 

Save this link in your bookmarks so you will be ready for the break:
with Catherine Dowdell

Join Catherine for an informative talk about planting your garden to welcome all the wonderful pollinators that fly around our community. Catherine is an ISA Certified Arborist, RSE Landscape Horticulturist and Sustainable Landscape, Consultant. She is a resident of Crescent Heights and has given a number of trees walks around the community. 

This presentation will take place on Zoom. However, a time and date have yet to be confirmed. Please follow our social media to find out more. 

Crescent Heights Community Association would like to feature the musical artists in our community and allow them to share some inspiring songs with the community. We are asking musicians/singers/karaoke enthusiasts to record a short video of themselves performing a song for Crescent Heights. We ask that you keep this to one song, record it and send it to via . We will then feature your song on our social media channels. 

We invite submissions from both professionals/pro-am/amateurs. Please submit by the Sunday evening of each week to be featured in the following week’s social media posts.



Would you like to lead a small community project that engages Crescent Heights residents while respecting physical distancing?  Please fill in the form to submit your idea for any non-digital* projects.  Ideas could include a community art project, curbside music or photography, an art walk, an activity for kids, a game, scavenger hunt, bicycle parade, etc.  The Crescent Heights Community Association has up to $200 of funding per project and can assist with promoting the project through social media and our e-newsletter.  DEADLINE: May 18, 2020.  APPLY:

* For online digital engagement projects (e.g. online workshops, performances, meetups, etc.) go to


Crescent Heights Community Association will be creating online meet-ups and digital content via our social media channels. Most likely this will take place using Zoom or other online technology. The hope is to create a variety of online meeting spaces/ workshops/ performances that will bring people in our community together online. 

We are wanting to hear from individuals interested in hosting regular online group meet-ups or digital content. Have an idea? Online parents meet-up? Regular puppet shows? Dance workshops? Book clubs? Tutorials? Garden meetups? A live performance? This could be something super planned or something that gets re-envisioned weekly by those who attend. 

Please submit your ideas at the below link. This is not binding but is the start of a conversation about what could happen with you + our social media network + Zoom. Put your ideas down and we will follow up. 

We will be able to offer you digital platform access (ie. Zoom), registration support, tech support and digital marketing using our social media networks.


GreenLine Engagement

On March 8, 2020, the Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) hosted a Green Line Engagement session at the CHCA Hall. We heard from residents and business owners in the community. To see/read what we heard at the session please download this image created by artist, Sam Hester.

Community Action Team (CAT)

Are you a resident of Crescent Heights and passionate about building community? Do you have skills/talents (e.g. woodworking, painting, performance, event planning) that you would like share/use to build something with others?  Would you like to get involved in helping to organize some of the engaging events in the community?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are eligible to create tremendous value in this community!  We welcome you to join us for a Community Action Team (CAT) meeting on last Monday of the month.  CAT is a group of energetic volunteers within the Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) that endeavours to connect people in the community through events, programs, and projects. 

Contact for more information