CHCA Board of Directors

We are always looking for people to join our core group of volunteers.  It’s a great way to learn/exercise leadership skills and a great way to build and connect your community.  If you’re interested, then go to our Volunteer page and send us a message.

The Board meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month and anyone is welcome to attend, though you may want to send us an email just in case we change the meeting date in a given month!

President                                                                 Planning                                    

Daniel Dang                                                                  Dennis Marr

Treasurer                                                                Traffic  

Isabelle Jankovic                                                         Chandra Thomas

Secretary                                                                 Finance and Governance

Vacant                                                                            Kyle Mitchell

Communications                                                 Facilities 

Vacant                                                                            John McDermid

Special Events                                                      Directors-At-Large

Lisa Dare                                                                       Jennifer Black (Also interim Communications Director)

Parks Director

Simonetta Acteson 



Not sure who to contact? Email our general mailbox at:

Want to join the board? These are the positions that we are currently seeking to fill:


Membership Secretary

Program Director

Communications Director

For job descriptions please inquire at the general mailbox above.