CHCA Board of Directors

We are always looking for people to join our core group of volunteers.  It’s a great way to learn/exercise leadership skills and a great way to build and connect your community.  If you’re interested, then go to our Volunteer page and send us a message.

The Board meets at 7:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month and anyone is welcome to attend. Please email the Secretary if you plan to attend.

President                                                                 Planning                                    

Daniel Dang                                                                  Dennis Marr

Treasurer                                                                Traffic  

Isabelle Jankovic                                                         Chandra Thomas

Secretary                                                                 Finance and Governance

Victor Gallardo                                                        Kyle Mitchell

Communications                                                 Facilities 

Vacant                                                                            John McDermid

Special Events                                                      Directors-At-Large

Lisa Dare                                                                       Jennifer Black (Also interim                                                                                                                 Communications Director)

Parks Director                                                            Kirstin Blair

Simonetta Acteson 



Not sure who to contact? Email our general mailbox at:

Want to join the board? These are the positions that we are currently seeking to fill:

Communications Director

Membership Secretary

For job descriptions please inquire at the general mailbox above.