Community Clean-Up Sunday June 20

We have further pandemic guidance in respect of the Crescent Heights Community Clean-up on Sunday, June 20 (09:00 to 1:00 pm). As noted in last month’s View, the 2021 event will look and feel different from past years’ events due to Covid-19 and the continuing need to exercise care and distance. If you can volunteer for the clean-up we can certainly use your help.

 We have arranged with Navajo Metals and our friends at Technotrash to be able to take metals and electronics as we have in past years. The Women in Need Society will also be on hand to accept gently-used small household items; please visit their website to see the kinds of goods that are most needed.

 What’s New? 

  • Masks and Gloves are required, as is two metres of social distancing at all times, to which we are all accustomed by now; 
  • The FREE Store, or swap meet, or take and leave tables, will not be in operation under the current guidance. We can reinstate this popular aspect of the clean-up next year when Covid is behind us; 
  • We will provide hand sanitizing products and encourage all visitors to use them or bring their own; 
  • Some residents near the site walk up to bring their materials; if you are a walk-up, please join the vehicle queue and don’t jump your turn; an orderly and suitably distanced flow of visitors is essential to a safe event.

 What’s the Same? 

Same place: CHCA community hall, enter from 2nd street NW at 11th Avenue; packer trucks will be positioned to accept household garbage, stuff that may not fit in your black cart or green cart (one truck will be designated for organics: yard waste, etc.). Volunteers will be on hand to direct the traffic flow and maintain distance. Remember to stream recyclables to your blue cart or to a neighbourhood depot so we’re not sending recyclable materials to the Landfill. Similarly, hazardous waste products (paints, chemicals, etc.) must be disposed of at a designated Firehall or Landfill equipped for the those materials. Please don’t bring stuff and drop it before or after the event. No concrete rubble can be handled as it damages the equipment. No glass please. Make sure your load is properly secured and tarped en route to the hall. 

What’s Else is Different? 

As noted above, wear a mask and gloves and be prepared to maintain social distance. Please be patient, as the flow of the clean-up will be altered slightly due to the need for distancing and to keep everyone safe. Be prepared to unload your own material: volunteers will be on hand but only to manage the event. Our beloved city staff are there to operate the equipment. Unload as quickly as you can to keep things moving. 

Hoping to see you there on June 20! For additional information or to volunteer for the clean-up, contact