Crescent Road Master Plan Engagement

Updated August 24, 2021

Project Background

Crescent Road N.W. is a special public space in our city. It provides access to natural areas, parks, paths and streets with dramatic views of the Bow River, downtown Calgary, and the mountains.  

Over the years Crescent Road N.W. and adjacent parks have become popular spaces for recreating, gathering, and celebrating. The popularity of this area comes with several concerns raised by the community: late-night disruptive activities, parking issues, vehicle stunting and speeding, heavy fitness use, increased garbage and littering. 

In 2020, The City implemented two temporary interventions to manage traffic and provide additional space for physical distancing along Crescent Road N.W. due to Covid-19 Pandemic.  

In the summer of 2021, Crescent Road N.W. has been temporarily closed to motor vehicles between 1 St N.W. and 4 St N.W. The closure in its current state is not intended to be the long-term solution.  

What is the Crescent Road Master Plan?

The Crescent Road N.W. Master Plan will guide future investment by creating a cohesive vision for a safe, accessible street and public space for all users.  

This project intends to:
• Amplify this as a special place in Calgary while balancing different uses
• Re-imagine Crescent Road N.W. between 1 St N.W and 6A St N.W. and adjacent parks spaces
• Use a variety of interventions such as expanding park space and traffic calming
• Identify opportunities for placemaking and economic development
• Recommend a long-term design concept and identify short-term investments

Looking at Crescent Road from a master plan lens provides an opportunity to update the design of the park spaces and roadway to create a welcoming public space while minimizing negative impacts.

With the help of community input, and other sources, such as data and internal conversations, the recommendations in this plan will help set the stage for a more detailed design of the road and adjacent park space. The Master Plan will set the stage for future phases of detailed design and creating a cohesive vision with cost estimates will help identify potential funding sources for implementation.  

How will we engage the community?

Recognizing the importance of this space and understanding that the current state (a complete road closure from 1 St N.W. to 4 St N.W) is not the intended long-term solution to the issues we are aware of, we are now looking to ensure we understand the complete picture of the opportunities and challenges for the area

To gain insight, we need the help of the community and users in the area, and to do so will be undertaking a two-phased engagement process that will provide opportunities to discuss how we balance the needs of different users in the long term.   

The engagement approach is:

Phase One (Aug 2021) – Confirm and Evaluate: 

  • Confirm core challenges and opportunities  
  • Evaluate potential interventions 

Phase Two (Early 2022)– Review proposed concept(s) to help City staff refine designs 

Between each phase, a What We Heard report will be published. In addition to public feedback, the project team is reviewing data and traffic calming and public space best practices to inform the proposed design.  

Online Community Engagement August 23 – September 13

With the COVID 19 pandemic continuing to impact our community, the safety of our community and staff is our main priority. Using the online tool ensures that the comfort and safety of all those who would like to participate by providing their input.

We are currently in the first phase of engagement. We are looking to reach a broad audience to gather a greater amount of input so that we have a fulsome understanding of the challenges and opportunities for Crescent Road and adjacent areas.  There are many different ways to do engagement, and at The City, we believe in the right fit for the right phase. In this phase, using our online engagement portal allows us to hear from many Calgarians who use or intend to use the space while creating a safe and accessible environment to do so.

Visit  provide your input August 23- September 13 for Phase One – Confirm and Evaluate: confirm core challenges and opportunities and evaluate potential interventions.

What’s next?

The timeline for the Crescent Road Master Plan is currently:

  • August- September 2021-Phase One- Confirm and Evaluate: 
    • Confirm core issues and opportunities  
    • Evaluate potential interventions 
  • Fall 2021 – Winter 2022 – Continue working with key stakeholders and develop concepts based on what we heard in Phase One engagement 
  • Early 2022- Phase Two – Review the proposed concept(s) and help us refine designs 

Through many channels of communication, we intend to inform the community and key stakeholders when there are updates on the progress and opportunities for input on the plan.  You will see promotion throughout the engagement period on The City’s social media channels, please feel free to share these messages and help us spread awareness about the project.

To participate in the phase one engagement or to find additional information, please visit, where you can also sign up for our electronic newsletter for ongoing updates.