Crescent Road Parking Changes

The Crescent Heights Community Association Board would like to make the community aware that there have been a number of ‘social disorder’ issues occurring along Crescent Road and both McHugh Bluff and Crescent Park. A dedicated group of residents who live near this location have banded together to address these issues. With the support of the Ward office, applicable City Departments and the Calgary Police Service, several changes are being implemented and tested in this area to try and reduce the incidences of late night disturbances, misuse of public spaces, and occasional criminal activity.

The four angled parking stalls located at the east end of Crescent Road were felt to be a location where late night visitors would meet and contribute to the issue.  The stalls were signed “No Stopping 22:00 –  07:00” (as is the entire south side of Crescent Road) but this did not dissuade some from meeting there at night.  Closure of the stalls has been undertaken to prevent their use as a late-night meeting place.

The angled stalls were originally placed to provide additional parking inventory along Crescent Road when parking is permitted through the day. If they are not considered to be needed to help satisfy the daytime parking needs on Crescent Road, they may be closed permanently.  Thoughts and comments on the closure from residents can be directed to

Simonetta Acteson

Parks Director, Crescent Heights Community Association