Crescent Road Update

The Crescent Heights Community Association Board is pleased that Crescent Road will once again be temporarily closed, and we’re looking forward to working with the City on a long-term solution for this popular area with iconic views of Calgary. 

When the road was closed to vehicular traffic and opened to people walking, biking, rolling and recreating last spring, amid the COVID-19 pandemic’s early days, the closure transformed this space. Racing vehicles were replaced by people of all ages and abilities, who came from across Calgary to enjoy the closed road and treasured views. We look forward to more Calgarians getting outside and enjoying Crescent Road in a safe manner this summer.   

There are 3 significant opportunities that we feel can come from this summer temporary closure. 

  • A temporary closure will give us pause – it will provide us with a temporary solution and some relief from some of the issues that we are facing daily on Crescent Road and the surrounding area. 
  • A summer closure of Crescent Road will support physical distancing for the remainder of the pandemic, and as we move to finally opening things back up it will provide us with the opportunities to reactivate the community as restrictions ease. 
  • A temporary closure will help to inform future design decisions for Crescent Road.  As we try to find ways to encourage more positive activities and discourage negative activities along Crescent Road, this temporary closure will help us determine how we can accomplish this.  It will also help indicate what impact the changes to Crescent Road will have on residents on other streets and avenues in the community – whether we are removing the problems or just shifting them – and whether this could be a positive long-term change for the entire community and our visitors.

Please contact 311 to report any of the following:

  • Maintenance of the road closure or if barriers need replacing/repair
  • Garbage along the street or in the park spaces
  • Disruptive behaviours or noise bylaw violations
  • General feedback about the closure 

If you have questions or comments please send us an email. 

CHCA Transportation Planning & Mobility