Edmonton Trail Safety Task Force Meeting 


Over the last several months there has been increasing concern expressed by many of our neighbours in Bridgeland-Riverside around community safety and potential criminal activity happening throughout our beloved neighbourhood. A group of dedicated volunteers, through the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association, have created the Edmonton Trail Safety Task Force to help address these issues, particularly along Edmonton Trial and into west Riverside under the 4th Avenue Flyover.

The Edmonton Trail Safety Task Force has been working on improving safety in Bridgeland-Riverside for several months now. Some of their activities include:

 Mapping out ‘hot spots’ of unusual or potentially criminal activity;

 Liaising with members of the Crescent Heights Community Association on safety concerns;

 Participating in a Safety Walk around Bridgeland Plaza, Edmonton Trail and the 4th Avenue Flyover;

 Planning future events/gatherings to help disrupt criminal activity and getting ‘eyes on the street’.

Councillor Carra along with the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association and various departments in the City of Calgary have been implementing short, medium and long-term plans for the rejuvenation and increased safety of Bridgeland-Riverside.

Last week our neighbourhood experienced two devastating fires in west Riverside, at the same location, on McDougall Road. Thankfully no one was injured but our neighbours around that site were left shaken. Coming out the of this terrible experience, many people from all over our neighbourhood are now extremely interested and motivated to get involved with issues around safety. As such, the Edmonton Trail Safety Task Force would like to extend the invitation to their next meeting to everyone in Bridgeland-Riverside.

When: Tuesday, March 7

Where: Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association (Lower Hall) – 917 Centre Ave N.E

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

This will be a workshop-style event where we will be planning out activities to increase safety throughout our great neighbourhood.

For more information please contact Ali McMillan at or your Team Ward 9.