Green Line Advocacy

Calgary’s City Council approved the stations and alignment for the Green Line LRT. This included amalgamating the 9th Avenue N and 16th Avenue N stations, with a station entrance at 14th Avenue N. The final analysis would have had the 9th Avenue Station entrance at 12th Avenue, making the two entrances only 2 blocks apart, which was deemed to be not worthy of the cost.

As a result of the Crescent Heights Community Association’s presentation to Council, Councillor Druh Farrell put forward a motion to Council to ensure Centre St N improvements are part of the Green Line. Her motion to Council was intended to implement the community’s vision for Centre St N as identified through engagement. That means a safer, more attractive, and more successful Centre St N. In the end, a motion that public realm improvements would be conducted along the entire Green Line passed unanimously.

Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT will extend from 16th Avenue N to 126 Avenue SE. Construction will begin in 2020 with an expected opening in 2026.

-View our letter to Council
-View our presentation to Council’s Transportation and Transit Committee
-Watch the video of our presentation to  Council’s Transportation and Transit Committee at 1:53:00
-Read the Motion passed by Council June 26, 2017 under item 5.7