Mark Your Calendars for the Annual General Meeting!

The Crescent Heights Community Association Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 25 at 7 p.m. at the Crescent Heights Community Association Hall located at 1101 2 St NW.

While all residents are welcome to attend, only members in good standing with a current membership are allowed to vote. No need to bring your card, we will have the current membership list and you will receive a voting card. Note that memberships are not sold at the AGM.

Following the business of the AGM,  we will be hosting a panel discussion on the impact of cannabis on our community. The panel will include representatives from the University of Calgary, the City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Service.

Some updates to our bylaws are needed. Members will be asked to vote on the following Special Resolutions to update the Crescent Heights Community Association Bylaws: Revision is in italics, the proposed change is in bold:

Revise to read: 3. Any individual who is a resident within the boundaries of Crescent Heights may become a Member on application to the Association and upon payment of the applicable fee. Businesses and non-residents may purchase an associate membership. Associate memberships are non-voting and associate members are not eligible to hold a position on the Board of the association.

Remove: 28. d)  the “s” on holdings

Revise to read: 28.o) filing such returns, reports and other materials on a timely basis as are required to be submitted under the Act. In the case of financial documentation, a timely basis is within the year that the expense was incurred.

Add:  p) All receipts and financial documentation must be submitted to the treasurer within one  month after the fiscal year end  in order for the expense to be eligible for reimbursement.

Revise to read: 68. Any Member shall have the right to attend and vote at any meeting of the Association. Membership signup/sales will cease 48 hours before the commencement of the annual general meeting.

Revise to read: 71. Audited financial statements for the previous year shall be submitted at the annual meeting of the Association. The fiscal year of the Association in each year shall end on December 31. The financial statements of the Association shall be audited by a recognized firm of chartered professional accountants who shall be appointed at a meeting of the Association, at such remuneration as may be fixed by the Board.

Correct: 85. b) However…… “hose costs” to “those costs”