Mini Galleries host SpanicArts in May and June

Andrés Porras: Filmmaker, storyteller

Interest in Analogue photography and processes

Andrés Porras is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, and overall storyteller based out of Calgary, Alberta and born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. He’s shot several projects on Super 8 film and has had his work featured in publications such as Analog Cookbook and Seites. His latest motion picture project is a modern retelling of the War of the Worlds, shot on 16mm film. Up next, he’s working on medium format photography as a way to tell stories.

Seeker, Wood Print

ELIZABETH AMEZCUA: Abstract artist

Abstract art is about expression and has become an important part of my life to nourish, heal and connect with my intuition and everything my soul needs to experience, evolve and share with others. 

I am a Contemporary Abstract Painter and paintings are inspirate from the nature around me. Painting is a language that speaks from the most deep part of yourself and is expressed from the pigments flowing and bold-soft strokes. It has given me a magical connection to the world and nature. Many of my abstract pieces are the vision of colors flowing through my mind. 

I was born in Mexico City and live in Calgary. I’m an artist since 2012 and have kept my intuition, creativity, imagination and experimentation as the essence of my job. 

Waterfalls, Mixed Technique

HEBERT POLL GUTIERREZ: Writer, storyteller and playwright

A Cuban artist with more than 15 years of experience who loves to use art as an instrument of social change.


YULI CARVAJAL PEREIRA: Entrepreneur, artist y adventurous and creative

Yuli Carvajal Pereira was born in Salazar, Colombia in 1992. She is a self-taught artist located in Calgary. She considers herself as a passionate and dedicated woman whose art brings color and relaxation to her life. She likes to challenge herself by testing different mediums, mixing media, realism, and sculpture. Yuli has already been included in several important exhibitions such as Salon del Agua, Arte Magno, Arte Joven, Ciudad de Cucuta, Expo Latino (Calgary), and others. Her work has been exhibited at the Memoria Museum, Colombia. In 2017, she received an award in the Eleventh Salon del Agua, Colombia. Nowadays, she is volunteering as a Secretary of SpanicArts. Yuli currently lives in Calgary and works in engineering but never leaves her creative spirit behind the scenes.

Anthesis, acrylic on canvas

 MIGUELTZINTA SOLIS, Interdisciplinary artist and writer

A person sitting in a chair

Description automatically generated with medium confidence Migueltzinta Solís is a queer mestizXXX interdisciplinary artist and writer working in performance, video, new media, textile and installation. His work considers questions of perversity and territory, unbelonging, (de)colonial imaginaries and Chicanx futurities. He is currently working on a PhD in Cultural, Social and Political Thought at the University of Lethbridge in Treaty 7 territory, where he received his MFA in Art.

Western Crush, cowboy hat found on the roadside run over by a car

LISSETTE FEBRERO Graphic Designer and Illustrator

I am a designer and illustrator from Chile. I use my skills to process emotions and create artwork with a message. I also include lettering within my art since words are the culmination of an emotion or an idea that I want to transmit. I think it is wonderful to create tangible images from words for the viewer to enjoy. The female body has a constant presence, It arose naturally, maybe by my experience of being a woman in this world. That is my main inspiration, and through my illustrations I intend to show strong and empowered women. Art has been a tool that I use to promote positivism and acceptance of our body, mind and soul. I create my characters thinking that they can instill self-love in women.

Take all the time you need to grow, digital illustration