Neighbourhood Connector Part-Time Job Opportunity

We are looking for a Crescent Heights resident who is passionate about their neighbourhood and connecting people, and has excellent communications, leadership, and organizational skills.

Mural by Kathryn Pearce & Tanner Hamilton

This is a part-time community outreach position for a Neighbourhood Connector Pilot Project based on “Abundant Community Edmonton” (ACE) which is a “grassroots initiative fostering neighbour to neighbour relationships. The goal is to cultivate a culture of care and connection, increased sense of belonging and inclusion, and ultimately create a more healthy and livable city – one block at a time.”

The initial part of this job will be to research Edmonton’s program and resources (and any other similar programs) and adapt it for Crescent Heights.  The Neighbourhood Connector will work with a Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) Board Member to shape and brand this program to the needs of Crescent Heights.

The role will then be to identify and support Block Connectors for every block and every apartment building in Crescent Heights.  The Block Connectors are the “go-to” person on the block (or apartment building) who initiate connections and conversations between neighbours and organize social gatherings.  The Neighborhood Connector will also be a Block Connector for his or her block or apartment building.  This position will require going door-to-door as well as reaching out via phone, email, social media, Zoom, etc.

We are looking for someone who has the following skills and interests:

  • Lives in Crescent Heights.
  • Passion for your neighbourhood and connecting people to one another.
  • Leadership ability to enlist, direct and motivate Block Connectors to connect with their whole block, and host annual block gatherings.
  • Tenacity and organizational skills to engage all blocks in the neighbourhood.
  • Organizational skills to compile information as needed.
  • Openness to engage all kinds of neighbours.
  • Hospitality to convene the Block Connectors for encouragement and “team support”.
  • Teaching ability to demonstrate for the Block Connectors how to connect neighbours.
  • Interest in the conversations collected, ensuring collection and relevant follow-up action.
  • Care, tact and patience to work with all levels of ability and commitment among Block Connectors.
  • Communication skills to correspond with Block Connectors and the CHCA Board.

This part-time position will pay $25 per hour and be from November 1st to April 30th with the possibility of being renewed if the program is successful.  Please email your resume and letter of interest to by Oct 16, 2020.