Dec 2020 update for the Guidebook for Great Communities and North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (North Hill LAP) 

The City of Calgary has announced the following sequence of events for the delivery of the revised Guidebook and North Hill Community Local Area Plan: 

“The refined Guidebook for Great Communities (Guidebook), along with the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (North Hill LAP) are scheduled to be released on Jan. 4, 2021


Based on the importance of these policies and plans to citizens and our stakeholders, the holiday season, and the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves with the COVID pandemic, we’re ensuring there is more time for people to review and learn about the newly refined Guidebook in 2021. 

The following information outlines the plan for public release and review, leading up to the Combined Meeting of Council:  

Jan. 4: Publicly release ( and circulate refined Guidebook and North Hill LAP. 

Jan. 13: Attend SPC on Planning and Urban Development (PUD). The Guidebook and the North Hill LAP teams will provide an initial update on key revisions and feedback from our community and development industry. Committee members will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide comment. The public can also participate, should they be ready at that time. 

Feb. 3: Bring Guidebook and North Hill LAP to PUD for recommendation to the Combined Meeting of Council. This PUD date allows citizens and stakeholders a month to review the refined Guidebook. This meeting will give PUD members and citizens a more fulsome review and opportunity for questions and comments.  

March 22: Bring Guidebook and North Hill LAP to Combined Meeting of Council, if PUD makes a recommendation to Council. This public hearing would be another opportunity for citizens and Council to ask questions and provide comment. This meeting of Council will include a Council-decision.”

 We have been told that the City teams “are currently working on online opportunities for presentation and Q&A sessions through January, February and March.  We will have more information on dates in early January once it is confirmed.” 

Both of these documents will provide new direction for future development in Crescent Heights. Please get informed and join future discussions! Document hierarchy and a brief description are attached.

Stay Tuned!