Residential Speed Limit: What we Heard

In October 2020, the Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) engaged the community through an online survey to gather input on traffic and speed related issues in our community. The input was used to help us arrive at a position on City Administration’s recommendation to reduce the unposted speed limit on residential streets. After being posted for a short period of time the survey received 161 confirmed responses from residents of Crescent Heights. 

Survey Summary

Speed was the most important traffic concern for survey respondents

Overall, 60.2% of responses indicated speed was a concern, with traffic volume coming in second at 43.4%. About one-third (32.3%) of respondents indicated that all of these issues were of concern. 

An overwhelming number of respondents support lowering the residential speed limit

Overall, 81.4% of respondents either support or strongly support a reduction in residential speed limits. 16.8% of respondents either opposed or strongly opposed reducing the unposted speed limit, and 1.8% were unsure. 

83.2% of respondents prefer a lower unposted residential speed limit of either 40 km/h or 30 km/h.

The responses slightly favoured 40 km/h (46.6%) vs 30 km/h (36.6%) for the new unposted residential speed. Taking into consideration the margin of error, responses were generally evenly split between 30 km/hr and 40 km/h. 16.8% of respondents prefer to leave the unposted residential speed at 50 km/h. 

There was strong support to see some of the “designated roadways” in the community treated the same as residential streets 

A majority of respondents felt that 8th Avenue N, 12th Avenue N, 1st Street NW and 4th Street NW should have posted speeds of 40 km/h or less.

For 16th Avenue N, Centre Street N and Edmonton Trail (including 4th Street NE which is regarded as Edmonton Tr southbound), an overwhelming majority of respondents felt that the posted speed for those roadways should be 50 km/h.

 30 km/h40 km/h50 km/h
8th Avenue N21.0%58.6%20.4%
12th Avenue N10.2%55.4%34.4%
4th Street NW10.1%53.2%36.7%
1st Street NW23.7%54.5%21.8%
Centre Street N3.2%15.9%80.9%
4th Street NE13.2%39.5%47.3%
Edmonton Trail2.5%17.8%79.7%
16th Avenue NE1.3%5.8%92.9%

 Thank you to those who participated in the survey.  Your input was very helpful to us in our discussions and in forming our position and recommendation to City Council.

 Survey details:

Prepared by the Crescent Heights Community Association’s Traffic, Planning and Mobility Committee