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From Walk of Doom to Magic Walk

By Sandra Neill, Director at Large, CHCA

The Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) is thrilled to announce that with funding from the City of Calgary’s Parking Reinvestment Fund, three artists will be collaborating on a mural on the sidewalk and retaining wall along Centre St from Samis Road to 7th Ave NE. 

In the summer of 2019, the CHCA had an engagement session with residents about this area and interviewed pedestrians.  This hilly climb up to Crescent Heights was described as a long and boring walk (perceived to take 15-20 minutes when it is about 7 minutes), loud and hectic with cars speeding by, claustrophobic (pedestrians and cyclists navigate around as this is the only sidewalk), and unsafe (there are no “eyes” on the street since there are no businesses or residences along here).  When asked what might change the perception of this space, residents overwhelmingly replied “colour, art, something to look at”.  Through this engagement, the vision for this space took on the moniker “Magic Walk,” and the existing space (as of Aug 2020) was referred to some as the “Walk of Doom.”

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