Trunk Show & Sale on Centre Street

Saturday August 21, from 10 AM – 2 PM
7 Ave through to 15 Ave NW

Join us for our first ever Trunk Show and Sale on Centre Street North! Artists + Retailers + Performers + Local Businesses =FUN

Stroll along Centre St and meet 30 + inspired Calgarians showcasing their talents and their wares! Cars, trucks, wagons, and bikes will line the street. With trunks open and tables out they will showcase their offerings!  Everything from paintings, carvings, jewelry, clothes, and sculptures, to flamenco, tango and heart soul performances.

Plus, check out all the amazing shopping and dining destinations along Centre Street. Local businesses will also be participating in this initiative brought to you by Crescent Heights Community Association and Crescent Heights Village BIA.

Need a place to park your car to come and enjoy? Additional parking available at the Crescent Heights High School @ 1019 1 St NW.