Volunteer with Us!

Did you know that the Crescent Heights Community Association is run by awesome volunteers just like you?

We are currently actively recruiting for the following roles:

Board Positions

Traffic Director: Are you passionate about the traffic in our community? We are looking for a new Traffic Director to join the Board as our previous Traffic Director is now our Board Secretary.

Communications Director: Be our connection to the community! Looking for someone who is social media-savvy or willing to learn. A critical role in sharing information with the neighbourhood.

Director at Large (Governance): The Board will be embarking on a governance and policy review. We are seeking an individual with relevant skills and expertise to join the board and play an active role in this review.

General Volunteer

Web Master:  Are you experienced in WordPress? We need someone to manage our website, resolve technical issues and automate some of our processes. Working the Engagement Committee, you do not need to join the board for this position.

Clean-up Crescent Heights Coordinators: Spring is great, but the melting snow always exposes the icky litter that lurks beneath. The City of Calgary provides litter kits, but we need to provide the muscle. We are looking for one individual to coordinate litter clean-up on the streets and another to mobilize residents to deal with the dog excrement in the parks. April 28, 2018 is the day that this will all unfold. Bridgeland is cleaning up on the same day so perhaps we should make this a friendly competition. Please note that the larger Community Clean-up will take place at the hall on June 3.

Park Toys Curator: Don’t you love watching the delight of a child that has discovered treasure in the park. Whether it is a stick, rock, bucket, shovel, abandoned toy truck or ball, children love to play with things they find. The Crescent Heights Community Association would like to make park toys more intentional. Toys will be labeled “CHCA Park Toys” and left in the playgrounds at Rotary Park and Crescent Heights Park. We are looking for a CHCA Park Toys Curator to keep the operation going. The Curator will be responsible for promoting CHCA Park Toys, ensuring that there is a reasonable supply of toys in the park, that toys are in working order and are removed if damaged. We don’t expect one person to be able to do it all and would prefer an individual who can coordinate a group of residents to take on what needs to get done.

Crescent Heights Postering Routes Cartographer: Do you have a passion for maps? We would love to provide our trusty volunteer posterers with some guidance when we send them out into Crescent Heights with our posters. It’s a busy time for our community and we want to effectively reach as many people as we can. If you think you could take a look at a map and put together postering routes, then this opportunity is the one for you.

Fairy Doors of Crescent Heights Curator: Walking through Crescent Heights it is easy to imagine fairies in the trees. This spring/summer the Crescent Heights Community Association will be launching Fairy Doors of Crescent Heights. Fairy doors will be placed intentionally throughout the community and we would encourage others to welcome the fairies by putting out doors. The success of the tour depends on it being well organized and we need an enthusiastic and organized individual to act as the Fairy Doors of Crescent Heights Curator (that’s a mouthful). The Curator will be responsible for promoting the event, organizing the official fairy doors, developing a community map, and developing a social media strategy to document all the amazing doors and adventures that we anticipate will unfold. We don’t expect one person to be able to do it all and would prefer an individual who can coordinate a group of residents to take on what needs to get done.


Engagement Committee: Help us to plan and implement a variety of projects to create a sense of place in the community.

Special Events Committee: Help us organize and run about 6 major events per year.

Facilities Committee: Do you have a background in interior design or architecture? Help us plan our upcoming renovations.

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