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We are hiring!

Community Arts Coordinator Assistant 

Report to: Engagement Coordinator

Hours: 35 hours a week

Wage: $13.60 / hour

Work dates: Summer 2018 (negotiable)

Application deadline: July 1, 2018

Submit application to:



This position is funded by Canada Summer Jobs. To be eligible for this position you will need to be between 15 and 30 years of age. You will also need to have been a full-time student in the previous academic year and intend to be a full-time student in the next academic year. You will also need to be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident or a refugee and be legally entitled to work in the employer’s jurisdiction.


-Assist with scheduling, facilitating community-organized creative public placemaking projects.

-Face-to-face, telephone, letters and email communication with artists, residents and other related parties of the festival.

-Engage businesses, organizations and community residents in creative activities throughout the community.

-Support businesses, organizations and community residents in the production of a community-led creative project.

-Support team in creative brainstorming and implementation.

-Be comfortable speaking with strangers and grass-roots community activation methods.

-Assess situations and identify problems; be creative and innovative in exploring possible solutions; check to see if a solution works, and act on opportunities for improvement.

-Curate relevant content and images for all community event festival programming.

-Utilize content to populate website (WordPress) and social media (Facebook and Instagram)on weekly basis;

-Interact with social media users: develop a strategy and implement a proactive process for capturing community-initiated projects and creating opportunities for user-generated content surrounding the Festival;

-Develop and expand community and/or blogger outreach efforts, advocating in Social Media spaces;

-Support the design and distribution of key marketing and communication materials for schools, organizations and public audiences as required;

-Coordinate interviews with Festival participants and organizers as required.

-Host onsite media and capturing images and video of all Festival events;

-Design event posters, flyers, certificates and prints;

-Assist with all other related duties to provide support to all event staff in execution of their duties. This may go beyond the above-listed responsibilities.


-Meet the requirements of the Canada Summer Jobs program for returning students.

-Passionate and committed to building a healthy, vibrant, sustainable community.

-Currently enrolled as a post-secondary student.

-Self-motivated and demonstrates the capacity for, both, self-directed/team work, and be able to work well under minimal supervision.

-Strong problem solving skills.

-Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 

-Have excellent layout and graphic design skills and experience using Adobe creative programs.

-Have excellent documentation skills in video and photography.

-Have experience with social media marketing.

-Have experience with WordPress.

-Have excellent organizational skills.

-Have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

-Be highly responsible, mature, and willing to accept personal accountability. -Have an enthusiastic and positive attitude.

-Must own your own computer with word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail and internet (and possibly, but not required, Adobe suite) applications.


ASSETS: (These skills are not required, but would be seen as an asset)

-Excellent written and speaking communication in Cantonese, Mandarin and French.

-Have excellent layout and graphic design skills and experience using Adobe creative programs.

-Knowledge of WordPress and experience using WordPress as a publishing engine.

-Experience writing materials such as blog posts, social media posts, or creative work.

-Experience managing social networks for brands / organizations.

-Experience with festivals and special events.

-Experience with community grassroots organizing.

-Experience in marketing or communications skills or experience.

-Valid driver’s license



The Engagement Coordinator Assistant will report to and work directly under the supervision of the Community Programs & Engagement Coordinator. The candidate, in collaboration with the Community Programs & Engagement Coordinator, will establish a mentorship and goal orientation based on the candidates desired job-career goals. In this position, candidates will learn about community engagement, creative placemaking and community-focused event coordinating. 

The Engagement Coordinator Assistant will meet, at least once a week, with the Engagement Coordinator and, monthly,  with the event coordination team, to determine weekly and long-term deliverables. The event coordination team will be comprised of the Engagement Coordinator, Crescent Heights resident volunteers and additional CHCA Board members. Additional supervision and guidance will be made available through the Crescent Heights Board of Directors and the associated Engagement Committee.



In the first week the student will be introduced to the team and be taken through workplace orientation and onboarding by the supervisor. In week two, job-career goals will be agreed upon by the supervisor and the student. The supervisor will have daily contact with the student, bringing them into team problem-solving and decision-making meetings. Through out the 16 week work schedule, the supervisor will hold weekly check-ins to coordinate weekly and long term goals and project deliverables. At the end of the project, the supervisor will conduct a formal performance evaluation with the student and will provide him/her with a written report.

As an employee, the student is covered under our liability insurance.