Crescent Heights Community

Crescent Heights is a diverse, vibrant neighbourhood in the heart of Calgary, Alberta immediately north of Downtown. It is bounded to the north by the Trans-Canada Highway, to the east by Edmonton Trail, to the west by 4th Street NW, and to the south by Memorial Drive and the Bow River. type in random stuff here

Crescent Heights was originally incorporated as a village on May 1, 1908. It was subsequently annexed by the City of Calgary in 1911 and established as a neighbourhood in 1914. For more information about the composition of the community, see our City of Calgary community profile.

CHCA History

The Crescent Park Community Association was organized in 1947 and incorporated in 1948. Its purpose was to arrange community recreational projects and physically improve the district. By 1973, as a result of decreased community commitment, lack of participation in activities, and low attendance of meetings, the community club ceased to exist. In September 1974 a group of citizens met to reactivate the club and in 1976 its name was changed to the Crescent Heights Community Association.

CHCA Vision

We are a vibrant inner-city community with engaged and connected residents.

CHCA Mission

Crescent Heights Community Association (CHCA) works with residents, members and stakeholders to improve the quality of life for its residents by:

  • Developing and enhancing community enjoyment, safety, connection and belonging, and;
  • Advocating on behalf of the community.

CHCA Values

  • Integrity and transparency in our communication with all stakeholders;
  • A sustainable future;
  • Diversity of our residents;
  • Inclusivity and compassion as we work to build community;
  • Contributions our volunteers make to build a strong sense of community;
  • Community engagement through the arts and support local artists;
  • Protecting and enhancing our public spaces, forests and historic resources

CHCA Engagement Policy – Our Commitment to Our Residents

In making representations on behalf of the community, the CHCA assigns a high priority to appropriately informing and involving residents and other stakeholders early on and throughout the process. Read our approved Engagement Policy below:


The bylaws were passed on April 21, 2015 at the CHCA Annual General Meeting.

Area Redevolopment Plan (ARP)

An Area redevelopment plan is an urban planning designation created by The City of Calgary for the purposes of facilitating development in specific geographic areas. In practice, ARPs are used to guide how an existing built-up area or neighbourhood should develop in the future.

An ARP for our community is currently in place. You can find it on The City of Calgary website.