Meetings on Behalf of Crescent Heights

As per our Engagement Policy, our commitment to our residents is that in making representations on behalf of the community, the CHCA assigns a high priority to appropriately informing and involving residents and other stakeholders early on and throughout the process.

In our efforts to keep the community informed of positions the CHCA is taking on their behalf,  you’ll find minutes of meetings between our Board and Committee members and other parties, such as the City of Calgary, below:

-February 27, 2018: Meeting with Councillor Druh Farrell to discuss efforts to create a Business Improvement Area for Centre Street, and support needed from Councillor’s Office for our Programs and Engagement Coordinator’s work program -> Minutes.

-March 28. 2018: Meeting with the Green Line’s “Taking Care of Business” representatives to discuss Green Line construction’s impact to businesses and the role a BIA and the City can play in mitigating those impacts -> Minutes.

-April 4, 2018: Meeting with the City of Calgary’s Parking Strategist to discuss obtaining ParkPlus parking revenues for community improvement -> Minutes