Are You Our Next Membership Secretary?


Help! We need a new MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY before the end of December! Our Membership Secretary Alison Martin, wanted to step down last year.  She has been soldiering on while we find a replacement but alas, no one has come forward.  After seven years of excellent service, Alison is really leaving this time.  For this very important position, we need someone who is organized, pays attention to detail and can work independently. Does that describe you? Do you have 4-6 hours a month to volunteer?

Here is what is involved: The current membership list is maintained in an Excel spreadsheet.  The Membership Secretary emails or mails a renewal notice to members a month before their membership is due.  Once the new or renewed membership payments are processed by the treasurer, they are forwarded to the Membership Secretary who updates the spreadsheet, assigns a new number for the current year, creates a new membership card and mails or delivers the card to the member.

We would like to update and automate the process, so if you are computer savvy and want to update the process, that would be a bonus!

If you are interested or want to know more please email us at with “Membership Secretary” in the subject line.