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Yoga With Neighbourhood Connector Lisa

Sunday July 25th, 10am – 11am (FREE), bring your own mat
1101 2 St NW, Crescent Heights Community Hall

Come join our Neighbourhood Connector Lisa Tierney for a free one hour flow from 10:00 am – 11:00 am, just outside the Crescent Heights Community Centre!

Lisa has been teaching for over 10 years and is passionate about yoga, and equally passionate about creating connections. The class will cater to all levels and will be a gentle flow with a short, guided meditation. Breath, movement, nature and community – a perfect start to a Sunday morning! Stay back after the session for some neighbour connection and conversation.

Organize Your Own Event on Crescent Road!

This is your chance to create your own community project, placemaking activity, or event!  The Crescent Heights Community Association can support your initiative by promoting the event (website, e-news, social media), making connections to community members or organizations, and recruiting volunteers. This application is open to people who live or work in Crescent Heights or who have a Crescent Heights membership. 


Grand Opening: Wilder Mural

August 8th, 4pm – 7pm (FREE)
1101 2 St NW, Crescent Heights Community Hall

Last winter, 33 friends and neighbours of Crescent Heights created the Wilder! community mural – together but in distance. Now, we can finally meet in person and celebrate! Bring your family and friends, listen to some live music, and learn more about Alberta’s nature through stories and games. Our guest speaker, Blackfoot Elder Sheldon First Rider, will be sharing some of his fascinating stories. A live band, Brother Ray Lemelin & the Matinee Kings will also be performing. Come experience Alberta’s uniqueness through the Wilder! community mural!

About the project:

The Wilder Mural was created in December of 2020, in collaboration with 33 friends and neighbors of Crescent Heights. Every participant received a tile with outlines, some info about their animal or plant, and paint so they could participate in a COVID-safe fashion from home. The  community mural showcases Alberta’s wildlife and highlights endangered species. The mural shows a total of 15 endangered creatures and plants, and one mountain goat, grasshopper, ladybug, an unknown bird, dog, man with big hands and lots of prairie grass.

Crescent Road Presentation

On Wednesday, July 21 the Committee for Transportation and Transit will be hearing a presentation from City administration regarding the current closure of Crescent Road and initial ideas for next steps in creating a long term vision for Crescent Road and the adjacent park space.  It should be noted that no decisions will be made at the meeting on Wednesday.

According to the City clerk’s office, the public is invited to speak/present at this meeting. Also, there is the opportunity for residents to send letters (whether in support of or opposition to) to the Council members on the committee prior to the meeting. This could help them gain further insight into resident views.  Community input is always an essential part of the City planning process.

The following City Council members are listed as participants on the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit:

  • Councillor J. Davison, Chair
  • Councillor S. Chu, Vice-Chair
  • Councillor D. Colley-Urquhart
  • Councillor J. Farkas
  • Councillor J. Gondek
  • Councillor S. Keating
  • Councillor J. Magliocca
  • Mayor N. Nenshi, Ex-Officio

The meeting starts at 1 p.m.  Here is the link  OR

If you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to email us.
CHCA Transportation Planning & Mobility:


Project: Diversity Dance #DIVERSITYDANCEYYC

Description: There’s a new mural in our community to deepen our appreciation for other cultures through dance and to serve as a catalyst to promote “on street dancing”.  We want to invite all dancers on Saturday, July 17th between 2 – 3pm to join us as we film 1 to 5 minutes of your routine/ freestyle. Whether you’re performing the macarena, break dancing with your crew, or showcasing your next “TikTok” routine, this is open to all abilities, ages, styles, and cultural backgrounds. We want to see it all!

Location: Diversity Dance Mural located on the north side of the Papa John’s building: 1226 Centre Street NE

Song: You and Me and Music: (please note, you can dance to the beat of your preferred song and the videographer will work it in)


DM @crescentheightsvillage (on Instagram) or email Delilah at with the style of dance, number of dancers (can be 1 to 5, but exceptions can be made if there are more), and the approximate length of the dance. This volunteer opportunity is on a first come first serve basis, and you’ll be treated to a dessert at Bambu Desserts & Drinks (@bambu.yyc on Instagram)! Camera shy? Have no fear! You are welcome to drop by to watch the show and be part of our audience as we film!

This project would not be possible without the support from the CHCA’s Village People Grant, the Stepping Stones Grant from the Calgary Foundation, assistance from the Crescent Heights Village BIA and our community! Thank you!