Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee works with local groups, businesses, and citizens to develop and encourage programs and placemaking activities to improve the quality of life in Crescent Heights, and to support social and cultural development in the community. We launched our initiative with a brainstorming event, where we invited members of the community to join us in sharing their wonderful ideas. Learn about what we’ve done.


Jennifer Black, Placemaking Director, Committee Chair
Kevin Jesuino, Programs and Engagement Coordinator
Isabelle Jankovic, Treasurer
Chandra Thomas, Secretary
Lisa Dare, Special Events Director
Kirstin Blair, President
-[OPEN], Communications Director
Elena Nechushkina, Volunteer Coordinator

Terms of Reference

Agendas and Meeting Minutes

What We’ve Done: 2017 Annual Report

Placemaking Kickoff Brainstorm    Green Line Advocacy    Chalk Festival