Mini Galleries of Crescent Heights

Mini Galleries in Rotary Park welcome “Last Generation” in March-April

Opening Event Sat March 12, 12-2pm in Rotary Park

Get ready for deeper conversations about our planet, and some digital content to bring it alive.

The Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth (USAY) brings “Last Generation” to Rotary Park’s mini galleries in March and April.

“The theme of the artwork is Indigenous youth’s perspective on climate change,” says LeAnne Ireland, USDAY’s executive director. “The works are created by Indigenous youth and will showcase a diversity of perspectives on climate change, from traditional ways of the healing the earth, to people fleeing the planet in hopes of survival, to apocalyptic views of the earth taking over.”

The pieces may have a ‘darker’ idea of the what the earth might look to provoke conversations about climate change, and how we might all work together to save our planet.

“Indigenous people often view themselves as stewards of the land,” says Ireland. “It’s important we lead conversations about climate change issues and bring about action through our voices.”

The mini-gallery installation will also be paired with USAY’s IndigiTRAILS app, allowing for digital content to be attached to each piece. USAY has a website that provides information about IndigiTRAILS, you can check it out: – the app will be available to community members on March 12th.

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