North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (NHCLAP) and Guidebook for Great Communities go to public hearing and Council on March 22, 2021

The CHCA has been negotiating with administration for a series of amendments to the NHCLAP. Several amendments are being considered and we appreciate the efforts of the City. Even with these potential amendments, we believe that the NHCLAP does not meet the needs of our residents in its current draft. After considerable deliberation, the CHCA Board has passed the following motion: 

The Crescent Heights Community Association does not support the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan and on behalf of our residents we request that our community be removed from the plan until further changes and improvements can be made.

We cannot commit to the NHCLAP for the following reasons: 

1.     The NHCLAP does not reference any existing statutory Land Use Bylaw (LUB) land uses. Through policy, the NHCLAP alters what is possible under our existing land uses. Until the Urban Form Categories (UFC’s) are reflected in a revised Bylaw, our community will exist in a gap that will create confusion in accepted land uses. This could compromise property values, destabilize our housing (both owner and rental) and resident confidence. The revised LUB must be in place before our current Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) is rescinded.

2.     There is no unique vision for Crescent Heights recognized in the plan; the current one vision for all communities does not work.

3.     We want to see a progressive plan which provides more emphasis on growth on our main streets so that these vital areas will develop before intense growth is considered in lower density areas of our community.

4.     We request targets for each community for housing mix, retail and office, public open space, and mobility based on what each community determines is essential and needed for change over time; base these targets on community demographics and trends.  

5.     Our property owners need to be better informed of the impact of urban form categories (UFC) and building scale. Building scales in the current NHCLAP need to be revised.

6.     We request specific details on urban forest retention and how it will be enforced.

7.     We request guarantees for sufficient public open space and recreation facilities in the future as density increases.

8.     Heritage asset guidelines need to be outlined before Crescent Heights can assess their impact on the community. There are no infill guidelines in either the NHCLAP or the Guidebook for residents to use to oppose, support, or guide redevelopment.


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