Let your voice be heard!!

If you have not already heard/read about this, please share and join in the conversation. Your opinion about our community and those of our neighbours is important to the success of this project. The more voices, the more the final product will reflect your wishes and concerns. This round of feedback closes November 25th.

There will be a Pop Up hosted by the City on Saturday, November 24 at Renfrew Recreation & Aquatic Centre from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Join the discussion about the North Hill area and the communities of Highland Park, Greenview, Winston Heights-Mountview, Tuxedo Park, Mount Pleasant, Capitol Hill, Rosedale, Crescent Heights and Renfrew. By gaining a better understanding of everything that makes these communities tick, we can proactively explore ideas with local aspirations, concerns and viewpoints in mind.
HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? There are five topics now open for discussion at Join the conversation until November 25 and provide your feedback on:
1. Community Values: What do you love about your community & the area?
2. Areas for Improvement: What needs to change?
3. Focus Areas: Where should growth happen?
4. Hopes & Fears: What scares you & what are your big ideas?
5. The Past: What has The City already heard?