Planning Committee Meetings

The Planning Committee meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Community Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend or join the committee.

Note: to comply with COVID-19 meeting requirements, our meetings are now online using ZOOM and our meetings occur only on the first Tuesday of the month until further notice. To request a link to join a meeting, please email

City online resources: 

You can access the City of Calgary development permit website at

Click the “Details” to obtain more information about the application including available drawings.

Currently only discretionary permit applications are circulated to the CHCA planning committee for review and comments. The Planning Committee can review and submit comments on contextual development permits if we aware of them. Please email with any information or concerns about any permit application. 

Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

An Area redevelopment plan is an urban planning designation created by The City of Calgary to facilitate development in specific geographic areas. In practice, ARPs guide how existing built-up areas or neighbourhoods should develop in the future.

Crescent Heights is part of the first multi-community ARP. On September 14, 2021, City Council passed the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan (NHCLAP) which replaces our previous ARP.

To obtain a copy of the NHCLAP from the City’s website:

Click on “Planning Policies” and scroll down to “Local Policies Statutory Plans”. Click on “North Hill Communities Local Area Plan” to download a copy.

Note that a large part of Crescent Heights is in Heritage Guidelines areas, Section 2.6 of the NHCLAP.  New guidelines and bylaws are currently in development. We highly recommend that you contact the City’s Heritage Planning Group prior to any development application. Please email for more information.

Update: The Heritage Area Guidelines are in the final stages of development. Presentation to the public including public engagement is scheduled for September 2022.

Update 26th November 2022:

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