The Benefits of a Community Garden

Written by Catherine Dowdell
Crescent Heights Community Garden & Food Forest Planning Lead

Our Crescent Heights Community Garden & Food Forest Planning Committee is determined to bring our residents together through growing fresh food! Our community has a diverse population, and a community garden will attract individuals, couples and families together in a centrally-located public space.

Thanks to the Calgary Horticultural Society, they’ve compiled listings of some of the benefits to and importance of a community garden. Below, you’ll find some that are pertinent to our community!


  • Fresh, pesticide-free produce
  • Creating a community hub that welcomes people of all ages, ability or life experience
  • Adding beauty, inspiration and serenity to the neighbourhood
  • Increasing community pride
  • Meeting neighbours
  • Connecting children to nature
  • Contributing to a healthy ecosystem
  • Encouraging local biodiversity
  • Improving neighbourhood safety and security


  • Having control over your own food sources and subsidizing food costs
  • Producing higher quality, healthier, less expensive food
  • Contributing to food sustainability
  • Providing garden space for those without
  • Crosses cultures, generations and abilities
  • Greens and beautifies our community
  • Reconnections with our neighbours
  • Networking with other gardeners
  • Ecological benefits (attracting pollinators, environmental controls without pesticides, composting, land and water conservation)

If you would like to find out more information about a plot in our Community Garden, please contact the Community Garden & Food Forest Planning Lead, Catherine Dowdell, at For more information about Community Gardening in general, please visit the Calgary Horticultural Society’s website at