The CHCA & the Green Line

Written public submissions for the Green Line were due today. This is what the Crescent Heights Community Association submitted to the city. The full letter and attachments are included in this post.

As a board, we support improvements to Crescent Heights. We perceive the Green Line to be an improvement for our community. There are still many details to be worked out and we do not have unanimous support among board members or residents, but at this stage, we support going forward with the Green Line. We will be active in future engagement, and we encourage our residents to be as well, as this project needs to improve Centre Street and bring positive change to our community.

CHCA’s priorities for the Green Line are now as they have been through many years of engagement on the Centre Street alignment:

Public Realm Improvements;
Traffic Mitigation; and
Robust Support for Businesses

We are pleased that our support is in accord with the newly-minted Crescent Heights Village BIA, an entity that did not exist when CHCA endorsed the earlier below-grade configuration. We will work with our BIA partners to ensure the vitality and viability of local business through the planning, construction and completion phases of the Green Line.