Our Goal

The TPM Committee’s goal is to contribute to the vision and growth of our community through the planning and design of our streets, avenues, lanes, sidewalks & stairways with respect to how people move and socialize throughout the community.

Our Work

The Committee is responsible for encouraging or responding to development that the City of Calgary is considering, including broad categories like streetscape, traffic, parking, urban forest or specific projects like Green Line and Crescent Road.

The TPM Committee has six general planning areas that we’re focused on:

Places & Spaces

We’re working to create inviting and intriguing spaces and repurpose unused locations to create pathways, connectors and places for people to gather.

Traffic Management

We’re working to have motorists respect the nature of our quiet, residential neighbourhood.

Urban Forest

We’re working to encourage the planting and preservation of the urban canopy on our boulevards and private property with a specific focus on elm trees as the preferred or dominant species.

Pedestrians and Pedallers

We’re working to create a safe, welcoming and engaging environment for pedestrians and cyclists to encourage non-vehicle mobility in our community.

Community Connections

We’re working to create convenient and inviting passages for people to move through our community and between adjacent communities.

Crime Awareness

We’re working to address crime on our streets and create a safe environment for all to enjoy our spaces and feel comfortable across our community.

Join Us

The TPM Committee is made up of 8-10 community-minded residents that represent a broad cross section of Crescent Heights. We meet monthly and welcome neighbours to join our committee. For information or to join us, send us a note to:

Committee Co-chairs

Marie Semenick-Evans                          Doug Carlyle

marie@crescentheightsyyc.ca             doug@crescentheightsyyc.ca

Committee Updates

February 2022 – Here’s the City of Calgary’s update from the Crescent Road Master Plan Project

March 2022 – Here are our Vision and Priorities as presented to the Ward 7 Office

July 2022 – Here’s our letter to Councillor Terry Wong and City Administration about Protecting our Urban Forest.